Prototyping and Fabrication Services

Taking a break on the workshops, spaces or tool access for a bit. Still offering professional services and co-fabrication through our other company

Prototyping Services in Charlottesville, VA

Need Prototyping Services in Charlottesville? 3D Printer part designed with CAD/CAM for a Prusa style machines.

From a proof-of-principle prototype to a minimal viable product, Tinkersmiths can fabricate your concept. Multiple low cost prototypes are advantageous in form study prototyping to explore the size, appearance, and functionality of the design iterations. Some other areas of rapid prototyping include:

  • Conceptual Demonstration
  • Research Support
  • Visual Aesthetics 
  • User Experience
  • Scale Analysis

Tinkersmiths can explore production materials requirements for the whatever manufacturing processes involved. Always balancing cost with structural integrity. We have an array of additive and subtractive manufacturing equipment on hand. Much of it was custom built in house by our motion control, electrical and mechanical engineers.

Computer Aided Design to Computer Aided Manufacturing with plenty of human interaction. 

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Charlottesville VA Prototyping Services