We Are Closed For A Bit

Taking a break and will not be offing any workshops, spaces or tool access first half of 2018. Still offering professional services through our other company pevlabs.com

Tinkersmiths offers CNC cutting and part milling services. The levels below are just a guide. Please contact us if you would like more insight.

Charlottesville Custom Made with CNC

2) Hobbyist - CNC Milled Projects
Do you simply need a CNC milled part made for a home project (like a replacement panel for a piece of furniture, or other small item, etc.) and want Tinkersmiths to create it for you? Tinkersmiths serves well the tinkerer that may not know exactly what they need, or how to go about it all. We can create the 3D model needed, and cut the part(s) you may need very affordably. No project is too small. Many sign companies and/or manufacturing facilities do not have the ability to clear the slate for smaller projects, but as a Makerspace, we have the flexibility. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. what you need, and we'll see what we can do to help.

3) Commercial CNC Routing Services
Our industrial grade 4' x 8' flatbed is driven by powerful Nema 34 steppers. Made from aircraft quality 80/20 t-slot, this machine could run 24 hours. This machine has a high speed (up to 24,000 rpm) spindle. Tinkersmiths offers professional CAD/CAM CNC production services at a low cost. We can accept your drawing or model in a variety of file types. We also offer full design, modeling, and 3D rendering services. Our large machine can cut various sheets of material at a time. These range from several stacked layers of plywood to full sheets of non-ferrous metal such as aluminum. Other materials like PVC, brass, copper, polycarbonate, can be cut by the machine. We operate using an assortment of cutting tools. These tools differ depending on the material type, object shape, and dimensional tolerances needed for each project.

CNC Services in Charlottesville Virginia
  • We employ three-axis subtractive machining with automation software.
  • The CNC can cut a variety of material types such as solids, plys, composites, and polys.
  • We can also make precision machined parts.

More about Tinkersmiths Commercial CNC/Milling Sevices

Tinkersmiths CNC Stools
Flatpack designed stools on our 4'x8' flatbed CNC in 3/4" plywood in Charlottesville
Tinkersmiths CNC Dream Big SignCutting an IX Art Park Dream Big sign on our 4'x8' flatbed CNC in 1/2" ply
Tinkersmiths CNC Dust Collection
1/2" polycarbonate dust collector cut on the flatbed CNC for the CNC
Tinkersmiths CNC Prusa Style GussetMaking a Prusa style 3D Printer gusset for a machine we are putting together