Prototyping and Fabrication Services

Taking a break on the workshops, spaces or tool access for a bit. Still offering professional services and co-fabrication through our other company

3D Printed Architectural Models, CNC Routing of Textures, & Topography Maps

Topography foam platforms with 3D printed structures can assist in development space planning or typology assessment. Tinkersmiths advanced CNC routing services produce milling of topography maps in architectural high-density urethane foam, MDF, plywood and expanded PVC. We can handle solid terrain model sizes up to 48" x 96". Our 3D surfacing and engraving software allows for creating smooth or stepped architectural topography or topo models, as well as intricate bas-relief effects.

Our CNC routers can handle a wide variety of architectural millwork in materials such as wood, plastic, composites, foam, honeycomb core and non-ferrous metals into either flat or three-dimensional shaped products. Our machine is used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries including woodworking, plastic, signage or medical. CNC routing is recommended over laser cutting when the material to be cut is thicker then 3/8", when 3D carving or any milling needs to be done, beveled or rounded edge treatments need to be applied, or the material is a non-ferrous metal.

If you are an architect or designer in need of model making services please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Topography maps for Architects, Developers, Builders and Watershed Coalitions